Bernard of the Flame united the lands. Through vicious battle and merciful politics his armies conquered and assimilated. His next great act was to connect his kingdom to the sea. His finest mages joined in a cabal and sprung a river out of the deeps to connect Bernard’s kingdom with the ports to the North. This river made trade and travel possible through the desert wastes. A beautiful agrarian kingdom was created where before was dust and death.

In the wastes an old mine was found due to travel along the river. In this mine, evil dwelt. As miners cleared the old tunnels they found demons and other spawns of chaos. Through force of arms this mine was cleared of monsters, and the source of the chaos uncovered. The uninspired name of Chaos Vein was given to the red stone that caused madness in all who encountered it. This mine was ordered to be sealed, and any who had been corrupted should be killed out of mercy.

Many of the gods were pleased by Bernard’s work, bringing peace to kingdoms who had only known war. Other gods were disturbed by the rediscovery of the Chaos Vein, especially those gods who had toiled to bury it, for when the Chaos Vein causes no madness in mortals, those arch-demons who created it have no power in the world. Have those arch-demons awakened? Are the old gods who buried them going to do so again? Will Bernard remain a savior of the people, or an enabler of evil?

Sincerely, Atrocious of Winterhaven

Somethings were meant to stay buried